Biodegradable acetate: plastic done sustainably!

Biodegradable acetate: plastic done sustainably!

We don’t have to tell you that Dick Moby stands for sustainability. Nevertheless, we’re more than happy to explain to you how we do business in an environmentally conscious way. Therefore in this article we’ll take a closer look at biodegradable acetate. This is one of the materials with which we produce our sustainable glasses. Think of this as the smart, modern, environmentally friendly and sexy little brother of plastic. Not too bad, right?



M49 biodegradable acetate

M49® has undergone biodegradability tests in compliance with rule ISO 14855, done by a paramount Research Institute in Belgium: Organic Waste System. M49® has been declared 100% biodegradable.



A collaboration with Mazzucchelli 1849

Together with our Italian partner Mazzucchelli 1849 we ensure that our colored acetate frames are made from the most durable and sustainable materials available. That material is biodegradable acetate, or M49 as Mazzucchelli calls it. M49 is made from wood pulp, hardly causes pollution and biodegrades within 115 days when placed under optimal conditions. So don’t worry, it won't biodegrade on your nose. 


Environmentally friendly and biodegradable plastic for sustainable eyewear

When you think of plastic, there is a good chance your thoughts are not that positive… and we feel the same way… Fortunately, with their biodegradable acetate M49, Mazzucchelli 1849 has developed a type of plastic that is actually quite environmentally friendly.

In their laboratories, they have been able to develop a formula that combines the physico-mechanical properties of the original, petrol based plastic formulation with a material that exudes nothing more than sustainability.


Cellulose, the backbone of the plant kingdom

It seems complicated, but we will try to explain clearly how this process exactly works. Normal acetate and plastic consists largely of phthalates derived from petroleum. M49, on the other hand, is a mixture of cellulose and a plant-based plasticizer. 

The ingenuity of this mix of materials is the fact that traditional plasticizers have been replaced by plant-based plasticizers. These plant-based plasticizers come from citric acid esters. Because of this the physical properties and workability has greatly improved. Ultimately, this has led to one of the most important raw materials for the production of glass. A complicated story… But isn't it cool that you can rock Dick Moby glasses in an environmentally friendly way?!


Sustainable glasses in different styles and colors

This clever development has ensured that you can enjoy your sustainable Dick Moby glasses to the fullest. And did you know that our biodegradable acetate frames are available in many different colors and styles? Meaning you can be the eye-catcher at all your social events, after which it is up to you how to deal with all the attention.

Now please be careful with your brand new glasses and always check if the glasses aren’t exactly where you want to sit. That would be a bummer, right?



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