Hi there humans, we're Dick Moby. We love this planet, particularly the watery bits. We also love looking good and we don’t see why anyone should ever have to choose between the two. We take biodegradable and recycled materials and make beautiful eyewear out of them. We call it sustainable style.

So don’t just look good. Look good for your planet.

♫ Oh and we wrote an underwater country odyssey about it ♫

How do you like your eyewear?



Free your acetate and your mind will follow.

Meet biodegradable acetate - plastic’s smarter, sexier, eco-friendlier cousin.

Made from wood pulp it keeps the pollution down - and biodegrades in 115 days if you bury it in compost soil*.

*We advise to keep it on your nose.
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Impact per frame made of acetate and bio-acetate

Industry standard acetate Dick Moby bio-acetate
Chemical UV-stabilisator % 1.8% 0%
Chemical Plasticiser % 18.3% 0%
REACH risk indicator* 20% 0%

*The REACH risk indicator measures the maximum amount of restricted substances that may be in the material in its natural condition.


Made from bits of other glasses

Recycled acetate

We sweep the floor of our manufacturer. Saving bits and pieces to recycle into black acetate frames. It’s 97% recycled acetate and 3% black ink.

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Impact per frame made of new acetate and recycled acetate

New acetate Dick Moby Recycled acetate
Water used 2,56 l 0 l
CO2 footprint 0,034 kg 0,014 kg
Energy used 0,89 mj 0,07 mj

Recycled Metal

We salvage slivers of surgical-grade stainless steel that are surplus to other glasses. And then totally transform them to top-notch timeless triumphs.

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Impact per frame made of recycled stainless steel and other eyewear metals

New alluminium New titanium New stainless steel Dick Moby recycled stainless steel
Water used 3,24 l 11,90 l 0,141 l 0,028 l
CO2 footprint 0,33 kg 0,49 kg 0,12 kg 0,05 kg
Energy used 1,99 mj 7,70 mj 0,76 mj 0,16 mj


Timeless designs. Built to last

If you want to get human beings to change their behaviour, you have to offer them something better. So we make sure we get the boring stuff right.


  • UV400-certified ZEISS glass
  • Anti reflection coating
  • Anti scratch coating
  • Nylon-coated screws
  • Multi-barrel hinges
  • Recycled PET pouch
  • Recycled leather case

  • See how it's made

    How it all started

    The worst surfing trip ever.

    In 2012, Tim took Robbert on the worst surfing trip ever. The sea and beach were full of trash. They dried off, went home and decided to do something about it. Not being engineers or lawyers - and being ever so slightly vain - they settled on making high quality eyewear out of recycled or oil-free materials. A few months later, Dick Moby was born.